I live in a painting, C-Print on plexiglass, 85x127cm, 2014, Edition of 1/5+AP


“I Live in a Painting”

July 5 – September 4, 2016

Art Suites Gallery Bodrum

Bedri Baykam’s "I live in a painting" solo exhibition is offered as a special selection of the periods of 2007 – 2009 4D and of 2009 – 2015 where the recent works produced. The works of the artist we face as a continuation of a historical process, differs in terms of technics used. In the period of in his 4 dimension works between 2007 - 2009, the artist adds an additional dimension, the time factor as a 4th dimension to the standart 3. These works consisting of 25-30 layers which is placed on top of each other, contains references to the artist's favorite themes of eroticism, Istanbul, art history and to pop culture. This period of Bedri Baykam’s which brings a very different perspective and a new technique to the contemporary art  is very important in his artistic development.

In the works produced in recent years, the artist returns using the canvas surface. Except paint on canvas, metaphors, political references created with collage is a continuation of the works produced in the previous years.

Bedri Baykam's "I live in a painting" solo exhibition can be visited  at the Art Suites Gallery Bodrum between the dates of July 5th to September 4th, 2016.

Yalıkavak Mah. Çökertme Cad. No: 111 Bodrum / Muğla
Tel: +90 0252 385 44 27  info@artsuitesgallery.com

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