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Art Suites Gallery was founded by Art Turizm Otelcilik ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. in May 2011 . The gallery first started operating in a six-storey historical building on Beyoğlu Balo Street. After two years, the gallery moved to its new location in Balyoz Street in Asmalı Mescit in May 2013.

The aim of Art Suites Gallery is to contribute to the production of contemporary art. In this context, supporting independent artists and projects provides a new formation with innovative ideas to the art world. The gallery supports project-oriented exhibitions in its new venue. This exhibition style, which also has examples in world contemporary art, constitutes the new vision of the gallery.

This area, where artists from different disciplines can exhibit their works and produce projects, aims to exhibit original works of art and reach large audiences.

In addition, Art Suites Gallery has created an area where young and master artists will come together with the workshops that it organizes in the gallery space in Bodrum every year and share their artistic ideas on the same platform. In addition to the exhibitions organized at the end of the workshops, workshops and seminars and talks under various artistic topics are organized.