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Deniz Gökduman “Stranger”

Deniz Gökduman “Stranger”

Deniz Gökduman


Artist Deniz Gökduman is at Art Suites Gallery Beyoğlu between 13 March – 6 April 2013 with her solo exhibition “The Foreigner” consisting of her recent works.

“It is possible to evaluate the works of Deniz Gökduman, who is known for his figurative works, in two main headings as political and daily life impressions in terms of the subject they contain. The artist, who generally includes criticisms towards the agenda and portraits of important figures in his political works, often prefers the female figure in his works inspired by daily life. It is possible to interpret Deniz Gökduman’s female figures as the incarnation of beauty on earth, even though she sometimes winking at erotic associations. In the artist’s paintings, who intervene in light and shadow with colors in his works, letters and numbers are as much aesthetically important as colors. Often scattered with quotations from a writer or poet, the artist – regardless of whether the picture is related to its content – refers to the names he likes. Deniz Gökduman takes the audience on a visual and intellectual journey in this exhibition, which he named the Stranger, inspired by Albert Camus, in which he tries to visualize the fragmented and alienated spirit of life, social conditions and people, especially women, who are oppressed under the pressure of society. ”

Şafak Güneş Gökduman

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