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Fevzi Karakoç “Karya Dream”

Fevzi Karakoç “Karya Dream”

Art Suites Gallery Bodrum is pleased to host Fevzi KARAKOÇ’s solo exhibition titled “Karya Dream” between 6 July and 7 September 2019. En

“Fevzi Karakoç, the figure in this active process, which we witness at the bottom surface, enters the arrangement not by the way of existence or by what it is, but by its position. So much so that these figures, which came to life in their repetitive and sequenced form, are always hidden behind what they represent, either spontaneously or with their appearance conditioned to deception. Therefore, interpreting Karakoç’s painting based on the figure is doomed to be incomplete, if not impossible, to a great extent.

If the figure, which owes its existence to its repetition and position, secures it with the bottom surface where the material aesthetics is questioned, the principle that guides the arrangement is the will of abstraction. In this context, the figures we can clearly perceive in Karakoç do not change the result: they are paintings that derive their impulse from the absolute will of abstraction. Therefore, the possibility of a person who is stuck with a horse or another figure to enter into a dialogue with Karakoç is extremely limited. “


Fevzi KARAKOÇ’s solo exhibition titled “Karya Dream” can be viewed at Art Suites Gallery Bodrum between 6 July – 7 September 2019 .

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