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Devrim Erbil “Devrim’sel Ritim”

Devrim Erbil “Devrim’sel Ritim”

Art Suites Gallery Bodrum is pleased to host Devrim ERBİL’s solo exhibition titled “Revolutionary Rhythm” between June 16 – September 1, 2018. In addition to the oil paintings of the master painter, which will be exhibited for the first time, specially selected serigraphy prints will also be on display.

“In Devrim Erbil’s painting, the intensely detailed weave of a harmonic line radiates various vibrations made of regular repetitions on the painting. From the combination of these vibrations, a rhythm emerges in the painting language unique to Arbil. Color or light has almost no role in Erbil’s rhythm creation. The rhythmic fiction of his paintings owes its existence to the harmony and motion of the line and the clear contour: to the lines that create a rhythmic Revolution / revolution. The rhythm, which is carried through lines and cleansed of tension points, covers the surface with soft, moving and peaceful repetitions, is the expression of an autonomous movement: the rhythm of the essence.

The rhythm is strengthened by repetitions in the Erbil universe; The geometric repetitions of Eastern art, the abstract perception of Western art, the agility of the calligraphy, the simple bird’s-eye depth of miniature are knitted as a whole. The purpose of each repeating figure is not to repeat, but to make the rhythm visible.

Erbil thus builds a rhythm out of vibrations while actually building a simulation from simulacres. The representation in the painting of Erbil, which shows itself as a simulation of what is not – or the one whose existence is doubtful – never shows a real correspondence with the signs or signs that signify it because of its being closed to the senses. The abstraction here cannot necessarily disguise itself as an indicator other than a simulation knitted of simulacres. Therefore, every picture of Erbil is also a simulation: a simulation of the rhythm. ”

Devrim ERBİL’s solo exhibition titled “Revolution’sel Rhythm” can be viewed at Art Suites Gallery Bodrum between June 16 – September 1, 2018.

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