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Pınar Kuseyri “Time Travel with Koi Fish”

Pınar Kuseyri “Time Travel with Koi Fish”

Artist Pınar Kuseyri’s solo exhibition “Time Travel with Koi Fish” is at Art Suites Gallery Bodrum between 9 – 27 July 2015.

The KOI FISH, which always resists the current, is the symbol of determination and determination. Reaching the source of the legendary river in the Far East by swimming against the current, it is believed that the KOI FISH turns into a dragon and will alternate between the spiritual world and the material world.

Artist Pınar Kuseyri works in acrylic and Sumi-e style by synthesizing East and West, using Anatolian civilizations and Eastern motifs. He uses traditional Japanese paint, Fude (Japanese brush), Washi (Japanese rice paper), rapido, calligraphy materials and acrylic in his works. The artist, who was influenced by the stories and symbols of Far Eastern art, produced very effective works by using the motifs of the geography he lived in. In addition, Pınar Kuseyri transformed the fascinating poetry and serenity of nature reflected in Far Eastern paintings into a synthesis and told us about the time travel of the Koi fish.

“Time Travel with Koi Fish” can be viewed between 9 – 27 July 2015 at Art Suites Gallery Bodrum.


1968, Kayseri
The artist, who started to draw carpet and rug motifs at an early age, completed his higher education on Economy. He worked in the banking sector for 17 years.

In 2001, he started his art studies in Mustafa Dulda workshop. Later he continued his studies in İsmail Acar and Sait Günel workshops. In this art process, he used pencil drawing, pattern, pastel, watercolor and acrylic techniques. He still continues his Sumi-e studies with Aynur Küçükyalçın.

He has participated in many international group exhibitions until today. He opened 2 personal exhibitions in Adana and Kayseri.

He still continues his studies in his workshops in Istanbul and Bodrum.

Exhibited Works