Ruken Aslan “God A Swing For Her”

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Ruken Aslan “God A Swing For Her”

Ruken Aslan “God A Swing For Her”

Ruken Aslan

God A Swing For Her

This exhibition of artist Ruken Aslan, which mainly consists of drawings, is named after Edip Cansever’s poem “Swing”. The exhibition is between 17 June – 17 July 2013 at Art Suites Gallery Bodrum.

In the paintings and patterns, the bodies drawn with rapido and calligraphy pencils undertake a kind of writing task. The painting surface, in this case, is an aesthetic presentation tool for writing, it is a glossy gilded page. Figures, when they are considered as a whole – and they are perceived as such – are bodies that cannot fall, cannot fall, with their relationships and holding on to each other. The concept of “swing”, which does not exist visually in the picture, has been used as an expression of a desire to not be able to fall and remain suspended in space.
Looking at the figures one by one, with the tragic stance of the bodies, writing turns into a kind of “destiny” or “destiny”: a state of existence in which the body can only exhibit a posture and movement within its own limits.

Exhibited Works