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Taylan Akdağ “Formless Space”

Taylan Akdağ “Formless Space”

Artist Taylan Akdağ is at Art Suites Gallery Bodrum between 9 – 16 June 2014 with her solo exhibition “Formless Space”, which consists of her recent works.

“Space is nothing else than the form of all appearances of the external sense, that is the subjective condition of sensibility, under which alone external intuition is possible.” Immanuel Kant

Artist Taylan AKDAĞ, after the narration of “The Series of Current Life” in December 2014, this time deals with the forms that become transcendental in the space with the exhibition “Formless Space”, which again features urban highlights. The main theme is to convey to the audience the relations away from social interaction between people in the urban space, with the unique concerns, forms and materials of Plastic Arts.

G. Simmel interprets the learned behavior of people as a “form” specific to Sociology. These forms are transformed into relationships and interactions between people through urban space, and these urban forms occur only in these urban structures or spaces. This is such an urban space that; different individuals develop metropolitan-type personality in different ways. This is a protective organ that the individual develops against his / her external environment, which threatens him / her and will leave him / her rooted by their contradictions.

Our artist, too, presents the relations between people with his own style and figurative drawings through the forms he creates with his unique style. In the forms he creates with sharp contours, the artist tries to demolish the viewer’s perception from the figure itself to the space the figure is in. The lines in the figure, bearing architectural flavors, now come to life in a transcendent structure, in the space. Actually, the artist aims for the audience to lose themselves in the volume and comprehension of the space while looking at the form. The sharp contours and color contrasts in the form awaken this feeling. In a way, like Simmel’s people, Akdağ’s art objects find meaning only in their own space. That place; it is fragmented, just like human relations, shattering perception. Just as,

Text: Sociologist Özlem Gonca YALÇINKAYA AKDAĞ

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